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The Fellowship of the Mob serves as the collective brain that helps steer the development of Mob activities and general growth. There is no official membership and all of our meetings are open to the public. We sometimes meet to discuss the logistics of a specific ride or to address any complications that may arise. Sometimes we meet with no agenda just because we want to get together in a non-official-event sort of setting to hangout. 

These meetings will be announced on the event page, on IG, FB and through our mailing list. 

This is a community led group and this is how we get together. We also have a WhatsApp chat group that you may join upon request.

We always want to make sure that we are respecting and honoring all groups of people, so this is also an appropriate place to bring up ways we may act more inclusively. 

This is also a great time/place to bring up suggestions for future event ideas or anything else you think Bike Mob could / should be a part of. 

Basically, your thoughts and involvement matter, so come be a part of the Fellowship if you feel led to it!

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