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Fort Collins Annual Spooky Bike Parade

October 31st, 2024

Time: 6-8pm

Location: Mountain Avenue, between Mason and Shields

What: Costume Bike Parade down Mountain Ave with pre and post ride fun

Our goal is to cement an annual Halloween Bike Parade into the culture of Fort Collins. We will be working with the City of Fort Collins and other local businesses to make sure that this vision comes to life with all the vigor, fun, consideration and safety that an event like this needs. Imagine 500-1000 parade participants all dressed up, riding up and down Mountain Avenue brining music, lights, treats, and that classic lively-deadness that a Halloween parade should have!

We are looking into renting the back parking lot at Mobb Mountain and bringing in a stage with live music for the pre-and post ride time. We know there's a mighty dress-up bike parade spirit alive in Fort Collins, as demonstrated yearly with Tour de Fat; why not keep that same fun alive with a Halloween ride? We can't think of a reason why not either.


If you like this idea and have capacity to help, please reach out to Scott Bolte to join the planning committee - this will take many severed hands to pull off.

Link to our November, 2023 Newsletter that shares the story

Spooky Bike Night Zombie Pedalpocalypse.png

Spooky Bike Night 2023

Zombie Pedalpocalypse, A gruesome Group Bike Ride!
September 16th

Event Maturity - PG



5:30-7:00 p - Photo Shoot and Face Painting 

7:00-7:30 p - Zombie Costume Contest and Red Carpet

7:30-8:30 p - Pedalpocalypse Zombie Bike Ride

8:30-Midnight - The Atrium Dance Party w/ DJ Specific Head & Vizitor


Event Description 

Calling all fearless riders and undead enthusiasts! Get ready to join the spookiest cycling event of the year: the Zombie Pedalpocalypse Bike Night! Embrace the thrill of the undead and pedal your way through the city in a spine-chilling adventure like no other.

Dust off your bikes, don your most terrifying zombie costumes, and gather your fellow ghouls for a night of eerie fun! This spine-tingling event invites participants to transform into their favorite zombies and hit the streets on two wheels.

As the sun sets and darkness falls, the city will witness a horde of the undead riding together in a mesmerizing display of spooky camaraderie. Imagine a sea of creepy costumes, glowing bike lights, and the sound of chains rattling as you and your fellow zombies pedal through the night.

Event Highlights:

  • Zombie Costume Contest and Red Carpet: Strut your undead stuff and participate in our thrilling costume contest as you strut down our red carpet with professional photography. Coordinate your outfit with your bicycle for extra points. Prizes await the scariest, glamorous, most creative, and downright spooktacular zombie ensembles! 

  • Pedalpocalypse Zombie Bike Ride: Deck out your bicycles with eerie lights, neon colors, and creepy accessories. Illuminate the night as you pedal through the city streets, creating a mesmerizing spectacle that will leave onlookers in awe. Riders are welcome to bring their own music and everyone MUST have lights on their bike to participate. 

  • Zombie Atrium Dance Party w/ DJ Specific Head & Vizitor: After the ride, join us for a monstrous dance party! Move your undead feet to the beats of haunting tunes, surrounded by fellow zombies, and celebrate the night's creepy adventures with a double header, DJ Specific Heat and Zizitor. There is a $10 cover charge for this portion of the night.


So, gear up, paint your face with ghastly makeup, and join us at the Zombie Pedalpocalypse for a night of thrilling adventure, spooky sights, and unforgettable memories. Let the Pedalpocalypse begin!

Event Expectations 
  1. Obey Traffic laws; one rider in the group could jeopardize the entire ride.

  2. Law: Riders may take the full right lane but NOT the left.

  3. Law: Riders must have at minimum a front light, rear light, and reflector or light on mid section of bike when riding at night. 

  4. Law: No drinking while riding or open containers. 

  5. We will ride no more than 10 miles at a slow pace on trails and roads. It will be dark, you need lights, there will be cars.

  6. Lights, fabulous outfits and kind, respectful, fun & safe attitudes REQUIRED!!! 

  7. Rep well. We are here to represent the best of Fort Collins. Have fun but if you are clearly inebriated or out of control you will be asked to hang back. We love this place and want to inspire others to express their best selves.

  8. All Wheels Welcome! (skates, unicycles, hoverboards, skateboards… just no petrol).

  9. Be self reliant. You are responsible for your actions and safety. Obey traffic laws, bring safety and repair gear. These are NOT zero-drop rides.

  10. By attending this event you are assuming all responsibility for yourself. This is a community organized event and unaffiliated with any outside entities of any kind.

Thanks to these friends of the Mob

Scott Bolte's Tandem Real Estate 

Mobb Mountain Distillers 

The Atrium

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