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Yes, we coordinate bike events, but that’s not what is all about… 

Our goal is to do our part in making Fort Collins the most prominent cycling city in the US by holding space for people have fun riding bikes with one another. The more people on bikes, the more influential our agenda becomes. Simple.


Additionally, we strive to represent Fort Collins’ counterculture, disco-punk rock, artsy, responsibly-irresponsible community. We are the young-at-heart working professionals of this community who have our acts together, yet still know how to have a good time. You’ll find us at the cross-roads of activism and glitter. On the surface it might all just seem like a good time, but take a moment to read through our core principals and you’ll get a much better idea of what this is all about. This is where the juice is, so give us a squeeze.


Core Principals 

Radical Inclusion

Anyone and everyone who wants to be a part of the MOB, can and should be. We are loud and proud about supporting humans of all backgrounds, diversities, sexual identity / orientation, gender, and political views, As long as that means being good to one another! This is the vision we have for all of Fort Collins.


Let your freak flag fly baybeee! Your uniqueness is a gift to everyone around you so don’t be shy. However you feel like expressing yourself, that is how we want you. This isn’t only acceptable, it's encouraged. You want to wear a dress, fishnets and stilettos, cool, do it. Love polos? What-ever, who cares, you're gorgeous. This applies to you, your bike, your dance moves, and how you move through your daily life. We’ve got plenty of status-quo-conforming “normies.” Please. Be. You.


YOU are this community. Show up! Seriously, we want and need creative individuals to share what they have. FOCO Bike Mob is a conglomeration of inspiring humans who believe in more than what currently is. We all have something to share and your flavor is important. If all you can contribute is yourself then we are so grateful you made it! If you have more to give, then literally, the sky’s the limit. From welders, to painters, graphics designers, speakers, djs, local businesses and organizations, etc, we want you to come out and play. 

Fort Collins is our home and we love it here. That said, we can be so much more! Bikes are an amazing tool and heaps of fun, but beyond that, they’re so popular with us because they’re a means to a richer and more meaningful community experience. We also use this platform to advocate for other groups that are working to protect and enrich the lives of others. Foco Bike Mob supports LGBTQ+ rights, universal access to reproductive healthcare, inclusivity of people of all identifications and backgrounds, and gender equality. We will do whatever we can to help support other groups who stand up for these things as well.
Bikes are just our vehicle to a healthier community.
Ride/Rider Expections

Ride Expectations & Rules

The Ride, Costumes, Lights and Attitude

These are fun-ride events, not athletic feats. Come out with a festive attitude ready to celebrate your creative spirit and those around you. While you're welcome to come however you, we encourage you to come dressed up and with as many colorful LED lights as you can wrap your bike with! 

  • Stay behind the pilot bike

  • Cross RR tracks at perpendicular angles to avoid getting your wheel snagged

  • Say nice things to people and smile

Have a light on your front, back and side (this is a State requirement for riding at night
Bring Something to Share

This is a gifting community, bring something to share with others. Offer to tune up bikes before the ride, bring snacks, do someone's make up or share a performance! Maybe you have a bin of old dress up clothes or extra lights, or bike parts? This is an integral part of our culture. Share with your friends and play well with others. 


You are responsible for you and this is NOT a zero-drop ride. Come prepared with what you need to get home safely, including protective and repair gear. Act in accordance with your own comfort and boundaries. Care for yourself and others. Ride at your own risk. Here are some additional suggestions:

  • Wear a helmet, bring water, bring tools and an extra tube, bring warm clothes...

Traffic Laws

Your behavior is your choice. We will try to facilitate a safe ride to the best of our ability, but it takes a collective effort to make it such.

  • You may take the full right lane but NOT the left lane. STAY OUT OF THE LEFT LANE and do not impede the "reasonable flow of traffic."  

  • Do NOT run red lights. The group will get separated and we will wait for you, but do not run red lights. 

  • Do not drink and ride or have open containers. You can get pulled over with a DIU just like if you were in a car.

Be In Control

Ride predictably, in control, and be aware of others around you. Don’t ride wasted. No open containers. We want to be loud, but we also want to represent well. Keep our core principals in mind as you ride and think about how those can look in practice while having a good time. 


The words "Foco Bike Mob" were first spoken in the winter of 2020 as three friends sat around a large white board in their living room trying to figure out a way to make Fort Collins an even more prolific bicycle-centric city. After numerous iterations, the name finally stuck and the mission of engaging Fort Collins through fun bike rides rolled into being. The first official ride took place February 4th, 2020. The ride was organized, announced, and then the weather turned and brought unexpected snow and freezing temperatures. With Donna Summer blaring, a total of three attendees rolled through the streets of Foco and Bike Mob was born!  

The month following our inaugural ride everything was turned upside down by the COVID-19 pandemic. It wasn't until 2021 that Bike Mob would take to the streets again, and when it did, it came back with a fabulous force. The craving for connection and community engagement felt ubiquitous throughout Fort Collins. The Mob was reassembled and doubled down on its intention to help cultivate community here in Fort Collins.

IMG_3630 2 Small.png

As the Mob grew in attendees, so did the need to organize and adapt in order to prioritize safety and feasibility. Bike Mob had its largest mob on Halloween of 2021 with over 100 riders. This turnout  made it apparent that in order to preserve its integrity the Mob would have to figure out logistics including how to cross busy intersections, keep the group together, and not break traffic laws. The Fellowship of the Mob was formed to hold space where other community members could collaborate together, discuss and organize safety measures, and coordinate ride logistics. The Fellowship of the Mob now acts as the decentralized collective brain that meets monthly to organize all things Bike Mob. 

Through 2022 the Mob continued to grow in numbers, inviting the idea of expanding the mission of the Mob beyond bikes. With an established public platform the leadership mobilized to put wind in the sails of local initiatives that align with its core values. The Mob now uses each ride to help promote awareness for topics such as protection of reproductive rights, suicide awareness, hunger and the un-housed, LGBTQ+ rights and more. 


By bringing people together under the banner of fun, the Mob hopes to help make Fort Collins a better place for everyone who lives here. The Mob is a living, changing, organic initiative that is run by the humans of Fort Collins. It will never be the same, neither as it was, nor as it is, but it will always stand to help make this place a more inclusive and loving community for everyone.



​Toot toot, beeb, beep.

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