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Super Gay Pride Ride 2023 Poster FINAL.png

Super Gay Pride Ride

JUNE 25th
Event Maturity - PG


12:30-1:30 pm - Rally at The Lyric w/ Trek and Foco Bike Mob

1:30-3:00 pm - Super Gay Pride Ride around town w/ Mobile DJ

3:00 pm-4pm - Arrive back at the Lyric and hang

Event Description 

Join us for a Fort Collins community Pride Ride celebrating Pride Month and the excellence of the humans who inhabit this space. We are rallying together to share smiles, support one another and to have fun! Whoever you are, however you show up, that’s how we want you. We will begin and end at the Lyric. Dress up, bring water, have fun!

This will be a casual and fun bike parade around Old Town, ~8 miles of roads and trails (route map to come). Be prepared for some traffic and prioritize riding safely. Please follow all traffic laws. This is a slow ride and a good event for all from beginner to advanced riders. You’re welcome to bring music, face/body paint, water toys (it's going to be hot), noise makers, and anything else that might crack a smile. Trek will be providing a pre-ride mechanic to help people get their bikes tuned up for the ride. If you’re planning on using this service please arrive with plenty of time before the departure time (1:30pm). Big thank you to Trek, and Tandem Real Estate for being continuing supporters of this community! 

Event Expectations 
  1. Obey traffic laws. Especially staying out of the left lane and respect stop lights. 

  2. Dress fabulously.

  3. Bring water.

  4. Route is less than 8 miles. Slow pace on trails and roads.

  5. Self reliance. Your actions, your safety, your gear.

  6. All Wheels Welcome! (Just no “gas powereds”).

  7. By attending this event you are assuming all responsibility for yourself. This is a community organized event.

Photos from 2022 Super Gay Pride Ride

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