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Sunday, Nov 20th


12-12:30 pm - Pre Rally Meetup 

12:30-1:30 pm - Friendship Ride

1:30 - 2:30 - Friendship Lunch

Event Description 

Let's celebrate our friends! Join us for a fun group ride around town, followed by a shared meal at Avogadro’s Number. Grab your bestie, dress up in something seasonal (matching if you really want to impress), and meet us at Avos!  

We’re encouraging all things friendly, so coordinated outfits, group photos and sharing is strongly encouraged! After the ride we’ll hang out at Avo’s for a group meal and hang time. Construction paper and crayons will be provided so you can share a picture of you and your bestie. We’ll display your artwork online afterwards (if desired) so to share with the rest of the community. See you there! 


Thank you to:

Avogadro’s Number

605 S Mason St, 

Fort Collins, CO 80524


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Rider Expectations 

  1. Ride Rules.

    1. Law: Riders may take the full right lane but NOT the left.

    2. Law: If is dark outside, riders must have at minimum a front light, rear light, and reflector or light on mid section of bike when riding at night. 

    3. Law: No drinking while riding or open containers. 

    4. Stay behind the lead trailer. 

    5. Do not run red lights, we will wait for you. 

  2. We will ride no more than 6 miles at a slow pace on trails and roads.There will be cars.

  3. Lights, fabulous outfits and kind, respectful, fun & safe attitudes REQUIRED!!! 

  4. Rep well. We are here to represent the best of Fort Collins. Have fun but if you are clearly inebriated or out of control you will be asked to hang back. We love this place and want to inspire others to express their best selves.

  5. All Wheels Welcome! (skates, unicycles, hoverboards, skateboards… just no petrol).

  6. Be self reliant. You are responsible for your actions and safety. Obey traffic laws, bring safety and repair gear. These are NOT zero-drop rides.

  7. By attending this event you are assuming all responsibility for yourself. This is a community organized event and unaffiliated with any outside entities of any kind.

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